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April 11,2007 

■ Student Body President 

Aaron Williamson was 
elected student body 
president for the 2007-2008 
school year. PAGE 1 

The CoMiunicator 


■ Men's Volleyball 

During Senior Night, the ^^|Pfe 

men's volleyball team defeat ^H 'W 
Ball State. PAGE 7 j^A 

Volume 37, Issue 27 

i Student's Art 

William Baulkey's seven 
deadly sins are on display at 
Henrys. PAGES 


News Briefs 


« IB I 

♦ Avoiding Accidental 
Plagiarism Workshops, KT G40, 
noon-t p.m. Faculty and students 

♦ "Prison and Exile," Anthro- 
pology Luncheon Lecture Series, 
KT G46, noon- 1 p.m. For infor- 
mation, call 481-6272. 

♦ "A Mediterranean Feast is 
Nice," Dinner Series. Catablu 
Restaurant, 6:30 p.m. For tickets, 
call 481-6619, 

♦ Study Abroad Informa- 
tion Sessions, SB 176, noon. For 
information, call 481-6494. Also 


♦ Red Cross blood d 

Ballroom, 10a.m.-4p.n 

i!l!i>|-ril.!tH'|] , .ill -IN I 1,1; 

. WLi 

♦ "Creating Works Cited and 
References Pages," Avoiding Ac- 
cidental Plagiarism Workshops, 
KT G 40, noon-I p.m. Faculty 
and students welcome. 

♦ 10th Annual Online Auc- 
tion; continues through 4/20. Pro- 
ceeds to student emergency fund, 
Zielinski Angel Fund. For i 
info, visit 

♦ NICE Expo Job Fair, War 
Memorial Coliseum. 2-6 p.m.; 
free parking and admission. For 

+ Deadline for International 
Photography Contest, no later 
than 5 p.m. Details at http://users 
♦ "Want to Play a Game? Us- 
ing StudyMate to Develop 
Game-based Learning," NF B73, 
noon-l;20p.m. Register required 

♦ Lunch with an IPFW Scien- 
tist, "Global Warming," William 
DeMott, professor of biology; 
Science Central, 11:30 a.m.— 1 p.m 

. call 424-2400. 

♦ Pi Mu Epsilon initiation 

ceremony, KT 146, 3 p.m. 

♦ Symphonic Wind Ensem- 
ble, NF Recital Hall, 2:30 p.m. 
For info, call 481-6714 or visit 

Spring Fling Week 
For info, call 481-6609. 
+ Omnibus Lecture Series, 
"New Passages: Finding a Dream 
for the Second Half of Your 
Life," with Gail Sheeny; WU 
Ballroom, 7:30 p.m. Free admis- 

♦ Percussion Ensemble Mu- 
sic. Neff Recital Hall, 7:30 p.m. 
For info, call 481-6714or visit 
+ "Job Searching for Inter- 
national Students." Kettler Hall, 
Room G98, noon-l p.m. For 
info, call 481-6595. 

♦ Spring graduate open house, 
Walb Student Union Ballroom, 
5:30-7 p.m. For info, call 48 1 - 

+ "Job Searching for Students 
with Disabilities." KT G98. noon- 
1 p.m. For info, call 481-6595. 
+ Mini Dinner Series, "Grill- 
n-Chill," Holiday Inn-Downtown, 
6:30 p.m. For tickets, call 481- 


Helter-skelter schedule? 

Advisers doors are always open. Right! 

I full swing 

Academic advising i 
for summer and fall sessions and 
with undergraduate advising for 
underclassmen beginning this week, 
academic advisers are designed to aid 
students in choosing their university ^ parties 
experience, but are there differences 
among those advisers? 

Many students say yes. 

Grab a random group of students 
of any ethnicity, GPA or major and 
stones will inevitably kick up like a 
cloud of dust; the good, bad and the 

and have a seat," while other advis 
maintain a less open policy. 
Why is this? The answer is not 

"Ideally, advising is a conver 
tion between 

"In the end, advisors are all 

human, and we can make 

mistakes too." 

Stevens Amidon 



what that stu- 
dent needs," ' 
said Stevens 
Amidon. advisor and ; 
fesMtr for the dcp.irtnic 
and linguistic 

However, the majority of profes- 
to choose whether or 
a part of their job dc- 

senrch and advising. 

"Advising, soinciune 
thrust onto professors, I 
er hand, I would ask, 
of the job to engage wi 
added Amidon. 

the job de- 
scription in- 
volves three 
separate, but 

equally im- 
portant areas, 

teaching, rc- 

es, seems to be 

There are several theories as to 
not all professors arc as open t< 
advising process. 

Perhaps some jus 
cnted. There arc professors on cam- 
puses all across the country who arc 
highly intelligent, but arc cither shy 
or just not able to relate with younger 

There aa- also professors who enjoy 
the university experience because of 
the funding dollars that are received 
for research; therefore, research is 
their main focus. 

The problem, said Amidon, is that 
there is no formal procedure for de- 
ciding on who advises and in most 

► Advising: Page 2 


IPFW students enjoy intra- 
mural sports throughout 
the school year. Some of 
the sports range from flag 
football to ping-pong. A 
list of other sports can be 
found at http://www.ipfw, 

LEFT: Men's intramural 
basketball players pound 
the courts at Gates Sports 
Center's main court. 
(Photo by Nic Pyle) 

The people have spoken: 
Williamson new President 

Aaron Williamson, junior public 
and environmental affairs major, was 
voted student body president last 

Beating out junior Nathan Fast for 
the position, he has begun to work 
toward bettering the student life here 
at IPFW. 

On top of winning the Comptroller 
of the Year award. Williamson also 
was awarded Student Organ i'ai ion 
Officer of the Year and has started 
taking his future role of student body 
president .seriously. 

"We have a lot of contingency plans 
underway to make the IPFW commu- 
nity stronger within the next year," 
said Williamson. 

While the term of president is only 
a one-year engagement Hasting from 
Summer Session I until the lolloping 

Indianu-IWluc Student Newspapers. 
Inc. Walb Union, Suite 215 
2101 Coliseum Blvd. East 
Fort Wayne. IN 46805 

spring) (hen: are niuiiy 
change and debate. 

Included in his to-do list is, in form- 
ing students of the number of services 
that are available to them. 

"There was almost one million dol- 
lars allocated for student sen. ices and 
we need to help students to sec what 
is available," said Williamson. 

Williamson is no stranger to IPFW 
politics; he lobbied the slate legis- 
lature for increased student equity 
funding and helped to improve tech- 
nology and processes during his ten- 
ure in the Student Govemmeni Asso- 

In his term as student body presi- 
dent, Williamson plans to implement 
many new programs for IPFW stu- 
denLs, including increasing .services 
and establishing 1PSGA as the source 
of information fur projects, programs. 
services and activities on campus. 

Williamson is also working with 
IPSGA to bring a new 24-hour com- 
puter lab to campus, as well as with 
businesses and the Indiana stale leg- 
islature to provide the student's per- 
spective on the local job market. 

i Iiil .ire. i ill " W illiain-.oi, .1 r, ■•...,■ , 
is the communication between stu- 
dents and their government, citing 
that a proactive approach is the most 
successful way of getting the student 

Overall, as student body president. 
Williamson plans to use his term to 
aid students in finding their voice 
within the government arena. 

Newsroom; (260)481-6584 
Fax; (260)481-6045 
Advertising Dept.: (260) 48 1 -6583 

t-rnatl contact'" inh-'- '..<>i in immcalor .org 

Students recognized for 
scholastic achievements 

By Louisa Danielson 

Hcnjamin I Var.son- Nelson of Amer- 
ica's Renaissance won the award fot 
IPFW recognized students and fac- Student Organization Advisor of the 
ulty advisors for their achievements Year. 
and service to students at a ceremony Heather Benficld of Delta Sigmt 

in the ballroom of Walb Union. Pi received the Student Organizatior 

Awards for the Indiana-Purdue Stu- Member of the Year award. 
dentGovernmentAssociationinclud- Aaron Williamson of America's 

ed Student Senator of the Year, which Renaissance was named the Studen 
went to Ryan Brown, and Student Organization Officer of the Year, 
Delta Sigma Pi w 

and leadership 
extracurricular a 
service to IPFW 

a-curricular and to students. 

ties, citizenship, Tara Spencer was the winner of Uk 

the potential for IPFW mentoring program award. 

Mariah Yeager of the anthropology 
IPFW awarded 89 students with this department, was named Student Em 
recognition. ployee of the Year. 

Current and future Ambassadons Shay Stroik. outgoing student body 
were recognized, followed by awards president, gave the closing ct 
ior several different categories. men's. 

— ^m w^m INDEX: 



Winners of Who's Who Among Students 
in American Colleges and Universities 

st First Last First 

Kmse Stephanie 

Lanrtiigan Marie C. 

Limber Matthew/ 

Letters Patricks. 

r.iily Michael T. 

Lmrteubeig Sai'a I 

Linker Patrick!). 

Lower Sarah I.. 

McCrory Kai'a .T. 

McOillongh Carley N . 

Mil lea' 

Sarah M. 

Anthony C. 

lances T. 

Moellel , 
Morimauflo Angelina 
Mourey Abbie R 


Landry B. 







SAB helps support 
Habitat for Humanity 

eyHeatha BenfeJd 

DelTn Sigtaa Pi, along \wtMoui 0K1- 

(J iflldeTiT. <->T g>\Jt±Zftir:IW. American 

.Society oi Civil Engineejv, Amer- 
ica V Reftfluwnce, The Phamvcy 
Club and Howmi' .STudent. Group, will 
be colktfing empty pop canv t> help 
rim/i ili-: oji.TnictLon ot'd HnbitaT.Ibi 
Humanity hou^e during The week oi 
.Spring Fling. April 1ft - 20. 
During this time gjoupmemben' will 
'J.»-. U v,.'il3ang around with vign-up 
theetf tor any (.Tudenton campw in- 
teievted in parricipaTing in The. actual 
Habitat, toi Hiurumity convnuctiftn 
day on June 9. 2007. 

Thii' itf a great oppomudty toi 
the IPFW c/impiw To gr/e back 
To the community. If you have 
any quevtionv. plenve e-mail 
hflbit/rtlrti'tl'oiceOhoTTfifiil£XMnoi will 
Free food and pop will be handed 
out all week long by .STudentAdi'ri- 
riev Boaid {H AB).iv> invtend oi throw- 
ing yoiu empty pop cant in the Until, 
loot rot the Hab- 
itfit. t*oi Human- 
ity can w>Ilection 
boxes.' which will 
be located next 

caret*, &Kjy prot'etvoi it* expected To 
advire. a ret «mouM. ot ttudentf per 
remevrej find the duly iv put. upon 
Them without theii approval 

According To Amidon, when inTer- 
viewing ior a profet-vorthip, the botr 
Tom linequevtion Typ-cally at'ted. i'. 
"Are you competent in all mew?' 
and not, "How much do you value 
helping yom tludentt' who come To 
you tor help?' That, Amidon vaid, 
enn be a real problem That, thould be 

Though The adviting i-yvrem at. 
IPFW ix not perfect there are many 
povitivev on enmpuv. 

A compjehentive manual wav put 
inTouaeby protetvoit' for uriliznTion 
in all ndviving tiJuntionv, and That. 
impkmenTArion har given new and 
experienced ndvi-oit' alike the tooU' 
To akl fTudenti' effectively. 

Many IPFW prc^t-oivejipy ad- 
viring vTudenTtf and «e adviing a*' 

a way To help ttudenTtf achieve Thetf 
careej goal* 1 . However, it a ttudenl 
were To get an ineffective advuoi, 
Janine Moore, recjerray of The Eng- 
lish and KnguiiTicv program, trad, 
"We try to mnkevhiden* happy, bul 
I don'tknow of a rule thatvayv thai 
(depaiTment chair V) have t> leanign 
an adwee" 

If a iTudentiv uncomt'oitakile \wTh 
theii cunent. nfrrixa oi ieeii that 
The advu-eiV peiioimance hav been 
uni-atUtacToiy, he oi vhe u' urged to 
logonTo iiwvwqa' 
veyl.htm togivefeedbacJc. 

Tji the end. taid Amidon, "I ^vlould 
liaTeto Thinlc we have people {at thii 
univeiiiTy) wtho inientionally do a 
bad job with adviung becau*«. they 
donTAvant.Tobein , ml , redin whatthe 
essence of being a tencher realty u-." 

19 Lret Eat-h 


M-TH 10-7 
Sat 10-5 

Thank you IPFW 

students for your support! 

We greatly appreciate your business. 

3420 N. Anthony Blvd 
Fort Wayne, IN 46805 

Phon«: 260-484-2665 
F«c 260484-2776 

Summer I & II Textbooks Available 



Imdi)^> aDreamfor the 
Second Half cfYow Life" 

Monday, April 16, 2007, 730 pjn. 
IPFW Wafc Student Union Bairooni 

Oilletl 'Ameiica's erfiotional icniigniule'' by Thttfmlfa'lt Tinitt, Guil 
Sheehy offeis dynAmlc laostmta based on. hei-gioiinxlbx6iJi ag- 
in vestigafi cms awlobieiT-ajions of rnen and women within difieieni ^iruiiet 

A*ACiik>iialob*eiveiiuulbestjeUnf ftnthoi'oflS boob, *heha* 
ciwn^tlthewavjniilonsoi'iJeoitlebokjU iheii Ives. Heiouginal 
kntlmiilc woiJi; Pa&agM, made hiitoiv^ remaining on Tkstlew Ifcrf Tm$t 
be^felbitsl ibimcue than thieeyetus. A IibmiyofCongiEB* tvivey 
n&in&df > aaag& one ofthe 10 mo it influential book* of onrtime, and the 
book was ie-iss»iedin20O6. 

Sneehvcontxri'ietl heigicnindbieaJingwoikwith. S«i oiuS ih* 
SwwoWWowvr: Pti^uiitgifi Ptwtimote Zife. Sheehy reaeaichedbv 
txaveling acice* the conntift speaking with wo;nenflo/ntheii - 40* to theii' 
90s about sex, dating, dxefum, divoree, rerrwiibige, s^iiimalgiowth, and 
seeking ways to ive mote pasionatelj* in the second half ofth&ir lives. 

In Sheehf's iuevions books, su ch as Tf?« SitirtPtastogt, she bioke the 
taboo snuounding rftenojtinse and opened a dialogue vital to matning 
women's heaih. InNttpPswaget and (JitdtiofaiiduigiHtit't Awjjgw, she 
revisited the stages of athi i ife and mapjjed out a co/nfjleteiy new itontier 
tilled "Second Aduihood'" 

A cojUffbn ting eili toi to Va/tity Pais since 1984, Sheehy won the 
Wuhingtonjcniinaisra Review Aw aid forfeit Magasine Vftiteiin Aroeica 
foi heiin-depth chancterpcutjaits of national and woild leadeis. 

Free public lecture ▼ Free parking 

Seating is I iritted. Dcois open at0:30 pin 

I odtirtftiwletl by tiQtmifiwn ihn Bntfitb, BorHat; Mrt^ef/Poa/ulation. 

Eijcil Q|)|»rtiiiVE<^IAccee3/At1riTi!iTj'/»Ac1oii 

™" s ± OCllLLril tssasss 

Signs show awareness on worldly issues 

what looking at the moon may teach us 

Said Said Something 

By Said El-Dajani 

hard enough, you can rough out a shul up and watch his brolhcrs in ihe 
face, an expression, even an emo- Middle East die for causes that nei- 
tion. ther he nor any other Arab in this 

Looking back harder, i remember country believes in. 
it was in July, right after the conflict This isn't about the war in Iraq, 

broke loose between the Israeli and ['his i, about tee ling for this man's 
the Lebanese. 

Sitting in my uncle' 
silence, I would 

to him just to see what he was 

He was a man of a few words 
and spoke usually to say either 
something significant or obnox- 
ious. He was a war veteran from 

"As long as we're not ignorant, 
there is at least a future for 

peace and prosperity without 

the destruction of resources 

and hu manity." 

anger .mil lonkine low aril the sky lor 

the Middle East. 

Had he been in the service today, 

he would have been called a terrorist It was then that ! saw the moon 

and I know it hurts him knowing that (who's a guy), and noticed the look 

he lives in a country that pretends to on his face, 

accept him and his race. So he would Moon, why are you worried? 

By Hidi Moore 
Copy Editor 

. chill 

My skin puckered 
of a faint wind tliui raised the hair be- 
hind my neck and turned my dry lips 
a pale blue. The starless sky above 
me was spread out deep blue and 
massive like a blanket tailing over 

There I lay on the cold cement 
outside Walb last Monday night. 
Tired, cold and sore as my tears 
tapped at the stubbly, hard pavement 
that pitted the skin of my bare back 
for 20 minutes. 

My head turned from the sky, 
away from his face, and my eyes 
searched the sidewalk for any hint of 

A police car drove by, yet there 
we remained, unnoticed. 

My wrists bruised, my shirt torn, 
my sense of self shattered— if they 
didn't stop, who would? 

No, that's not right. That's not 
how it happened. 

He and I sat together on a bench 
outside Walb passing between each 
other the only thing that could numb 
our senses. Our laugh-snorts rever- 
berated between the buildings thai 
created this stage upon which we 
played, drunk and wild. 

A police car drove by, yet there 
remained, unnoticed. 
My arms very nearly hailing the 
my music calling out to it, my 
of self turned deeply inward — 

No paranoia existed here. The 
In uiles glistened and became the sky's 
stars. One spilled onto the pavement 
and we laughed as the sticky sub- 
stance melted into the ground just 
as it melted down my throat, hot and if they didn't stop, who would' 
pleasant. No, all of this has been a lie 

A police car drove by, yet there 
we remained, unnoticed. 

My face red with the gli 
alcohol, my foot 

What happened was that a co- 
worker and I were locked out of 
of Walb at 2 a.m. last Monday night for 
nearly an hour. Coaliess, we rapped 

of self spreading at all the doors, but liic janitor n 

out into the universe — if the police heard our appeals. 
didn't stop, who would? Ecstatic at the sight of not 

N o , h ut two polic 

"Tired, cold and sore as my ,h; " d » >vc b > k '^ 

tears tapped at the stubbly, * M ^ fe * ^ 

hard pavement that pitted the and waved and 

skin of my bare back for 20 "°""cd 


about the pavement. 

The lamplight illuminated us tli 
oblivious .is we turned our he-ids i 
the sky. shut our eyes and felt th 
wind caress our faces. The musi 
pulsed, we danced and felt the star 
within us. 

them, but they just 
passed us by. 

' Eventually 

What may have happened in the 
past underneath the very l.implieht 
under which we stood? What have 
the police driven hy? Very possibly 
sex, drugs and rock & roll. 

What are you Hying to tell us? 

Sometimes I wonder whether 
or not some questions could he that 
simple. What if the moon is really 
worried? What if the state of the 
world is just not healthy? 
: I was taught thai we had a good 
couple billion years give or take. So 
why does it seem that our earth is 
falling apart? 

negative. I'm just stating 
I feel it necessary to keep 
istanlly aware of and re- 
it it's snowing in April. 
Millions of people living on is- 
lands in Ihe pacific will he displaced 
due to Hooding. 

Eventually other major cities bor- 
dering seas and oceans will become 

Hurricane season this year looks 

minded H 


We're still in Iraq. 

Old people that run governments 
will die, but we'll still be around. 

The biggest mistake is fearing 
(hat this is all tme. As long as we're 
not ignorant, there is at least a future 
for peace and prosperity without ihe 
destruction of resources and Immun- 

I'll leave the worrying to the 
moon, who I'm llianklul lias clarified 
this reality and made me aware and 
kind enough to remind others. 

Easter is for everyone 

Easter came this weekend 
and I gotta tell you. I loved it. Reli- 
gious or not. Iimling hidden candy is 
great lor everyone involved. I don't 
understand why everyone can talk so 
Ifcelv about l;aslcr, when Ginsinias 
lllanukkah. or just a winter 
holiday ) puts everyone in an uproar. 
I know that there's no alternative to 
Easter tor other religions, but 1 sup- 
pose that I don't understand why 
everyone can't just gel togelhci lor 
the sake of candy Everyone should 
be able 10 enjoy looking around Ihe 
yard in search "I plastic eggs filled 

I'm 22 and if I get to see my 

parents around Easter (they live in 
Chicago area). I know that I'll be 

on an egg hunt lhat day Though this 

year I received a pair of shoes and 

a book. I also got some candy. Two 

', went oil another egg 

when I visited my friend in Vir- 

. Though most of her and her 

husband's triends are around 2S, she 
hid around ILK) eggs between some 
townhouses and we looked for llicm 
in thedurk. 

And why is there no other holiday 
ihat includes a brunch? I love wak- 
ing up know that my day will include 
ham, cinnamon rolls and candy, all In 
one briel afternoon Though Thanks- 
giving obviously offers a great meal. 
I prefer the Easier meal simply be- 
cause il oilers two different meals in 
one setting. How convenient i& that? 

Whether you religiously cele- 
brate Easier or uoi. I suggest thai you 
look into it next year. I'm not trying 
lo he sacrilegious or offend anyone, 
I in just recommending something a 
luile different for those of you who 
haven't experienced Easter activities. 
Maybe you don't have to do it on Has- 
let' I think that later on this spring, 
p.i haps when it's not freezing, .ill of 
you should get together with friends 
and enjoy a day ol brunch and candy 
There's just something about finding 
things and eating meals at random 
limes in the day, 

i ■,...,■:, win ■.■'.,.■■■.-. | . ■. .. i Iters to ihe Editor must be Mem i 

ting thi i : iquire uenl ■■■ ill a H be ,..,>■ ,..-■,■ ,i few publii iiion ill lubmi 
pti iti be i 

, 700 words. Tbc ediinnal hoard of 1 1 n i 

reniiall ii ■ ill ■■ I ■ ■ rcutrtsi 

ding.' major 01 utlc(ifappllc 

. . , , . . ,i| i|] rifled ■■■ ■■ '"■' ' I Pri in ttu il 

rrcwrrvedthc righlioed 


Why can't Mother 
Nature be more like me? 

Pardon the Pun 

By Michelle Yahne 

Pear Mother Nature, 

Tor lhal. don't you think? 

You have three months to give us 
SHOW and that's your limit. There are 
lour seasons, and 12 months in Ihc 
ycur-you know this. So you can't 
just go around making it snow in 
April all because you're having a 

hot ones, so this year, ean you actu- 
ally give us spring ' It would he much 
appreciated, not only by me, but by 
the rest of the world, loo. 

Please remember how much ev- 
eryone loves spring. People are out 
more, they start having neighbor- 
hood barbecues again and they just 
lighten up, because the weather is so 
nice and you just can't sit inside. 

People become more active and all of this without your cooperation! 

begin to work off the winter blahs So please, please, please, give us 

and the weight they gained when some beautiful weather! I know you 

they were sitting around inside glued have it bottled up somewhere in stor- 

to the I V. Even a professor of mine age. 
recently commented on how he saw a 

dad and son flying a kite one day and Love, 

how he wanted to do exactly that- Michelle- 
good old-fashioned fun. 
again, we simply can't do 

all through March to let the tem| 
s go up, which allowed the s 

slop Ihen. 

Not only is it April, but it is also 
he time of year to be planting for 
r and fall harvest, However, 
it plant because the ground 

The cold temperatures have been 
mpossible to bear. It's like 
when I was little and got something 
really cool, only to have it taken 
away the next day because of a safety 
recall or someihing. I'm left, empty- 
handed going. "WhaaaV" and every- 
one else is just chuckling. 

ialive ol winter or someihing'' Or is 

1 because we just didn't gel enough 
' this year, so you decided to 

i little lute 

projects with less complaining, and I 
|iisi might ewn gel around to writing 
a |)i>siti\e editorial! 

I promise all of this if you just 
iVealhcr Weather I 
can ride a bike in. weather I can wear 
sandals in, and better yet, 
1 can hang oul in the pool in. 
school only has just a few 
weeks, you'd better get 

Summer is just 
and I know how you just love to go 
from cold temperatures to deathly 

Some advisers neect 
to be more helpful 

The Communicator 

ing to get help from a superior. 

So 1 started asking around a 
what I found was not comforting 
the slightest. Many talented and i 
lelligenl students have had simi 

lion. I was licked and rightfully so 

I'm not sure what some people 
think they are doing teaching, but 
they should be focused on shaping 

For example, a friend of mine 
who had an almost perfect GPA and 
was the president of pretty much 
ery campus 
by her adviser that 
pie with belter gra 
haven't gotten into 

lake our money with the promise of 
giving us a heller future, right'' Ihen 
they should guide us like ihey are 
supposed to. 

As far as the argument goes that 
perhaps this person just was having a 
bad day. I say. personally I don't care 
what kind o! da\ an adviser is hav- 
ing. The adviser's job still is to aid 
told the people who come to him or her 
peo- tor help. Do not discourage. Do not 
who treat them as anything less than the 
most important pan of your day. 


scaring Ihcm ir 

Every student at IPFW has the 
right to be here and be heard, and 1 
have to admit that, as a senior in col- 
lege. 1 was almost ready to quit alter 
this horrifying experience. 

Upon really thinking ahout how 1 
was treated hy this adviser land I use- 
that term loosely), it came to mind 

"Upon leaving the adviser's 

office and scheduling an 

appointment with a different 

adviser I realized that I 

was shaking with rage and 


ten up or that your 
grant money didn't 
come through. Get 
over it and focus 
on the young mind 
in front of you who 
needs you and your 
who he __^_^_^^_____ = ^________ expertise whether 

thinks you like it or not, 

heis.andwhy he thinks itishisjobio and if I hear another horror story 
deter a person from grabbing a hold from a fresh young mind in need 
of her dreams with both hands? It is of guidance, 1 will be that student's 
my understanding that a university greatest advocate Someone has to. 
and its faculty are there to support after all. - 

Jenna Tompkins 

Said El-Dajani 
Managing Editor 

Mike Webb 
Features Editor 

Said El-Dajani 
Opinions Editor 

Jessie Ruekman 
News Editor 

Kira Schovve 
Sports Editor 

Kelly Jones 
Design Editor 



Official Web s 

Dorie Reynolds 

Shock Wave energy drink sends a tsunami of iUaste 

By Said El-Dajani 
Managing Editor 

For those of you expecting a 
review on an energy drink, don't 
fret. This week's energy supplcmci 
comes again in two flavors, this tin 
one considerably more desirable 

iicrcMing ImJ Among a plethora as the look. With Shock Wave, the 

if other drinks at the Speedway gas fuchsia-colored can offers energy at 
tation. Shock Wave appealed to me efficient levels, while the blue can 


Shock Wavcencrg) drink v 

like appearance, 
bright colors 

and great design 

When it 
1 found that laste i 

"Shock Wave was an traies on 

interesting find" lhe Iaslc 

a The blue 

lot like 
it of these drinks, blueberry Jones soda with a slightly 
not as important confusing aftertaste. 

Infra Red is the tuchsi.i-colorcd 

tui ll;i\ urine. It s more like Pepto- 
Bisinol and Mountain Dew had an 
argument with (_ herr> Cuke, a light 
broke loose and I'eplo-Bisiuol won. 

Overall. Shock Wave has bold 
flavoring with a good buzz! 

Arts & Entertainment 

Seeing 'Meet 
the Robinsons' 
is definitely in 
your future 

What will the world be like in 

30 years'? Technology is advancing 
at a faster rate than ever before, so 
the next 30 years will yield more ad- 
vances ihan the last 30 years by far. 
The idea of this is both scary and ex- 
citing in many ways. Perhaps ihal is 
why the concept (it time travel seems 
In periodic-Lilly pop up in mainstream 
movies every so often. 

Who doesn't like "Back to the 
Future"? Don't actually answer thai. 

In "Back to the Future 2." we gel 
a glimpse of a potential 2015 full of 
Hying cars. Inonic implants and hover 
hoards (as opposed lo skate boards) 
When I saw this in 1989. I thought, 
"Wow, 1 bet all of that stuff will be 
around 26 years from now." Well, we 
are only eight years from that right 
now and something tells me I won't 
have a hover board by then. 

Maybe I'll have the hover board 
in 2037— the year depicted in Dis- 
ney's "Meet the Robinsons." 

The movie focuses on a 12-year- 
old orphan named Lewis. Lewis is 

impress his potential parents in inter- 
views, which hasn't worked lor him. 
feeling rejected and defeated, it's as 
if his life will never amount to any- 
Unbeknownst to Lewis, a man 
from the future is watching him. He 
travels hack in lime in order lo steal 
Lewis" most important invention in 
an attempt lo change the course of 
history. He is followed through lime 
by a 13-ycar-old boy named WiUvr 
wlio hetnends Lewis ,md brings him 
into the future. Once there, Lewis 
meets his family: hence, "Meet the 
Robinsons." From this point on, you 
will either love the movie or hate it. 

Perhaps, in an attempt to make the 
future seem as quirky as possible, the 
movie is everywhere alt at once. It is 
almost like being on a roller coaster. 

Predictions ; 
jority of the movie 
unless you accept I 

v hitle • 

i the i 


let's be honest, 

made for idealists. This movie was 

made for kids and they will enjoy it. 

I saw it with a 6-year-old. who had a 


I was able to enjoy the movie as 
well, but my adult mind couldn't help 
bui think of the paradox involved 
with what I was seeing (I say this as 
il I actually know what I'm talking 
about when il conies to the concept 

Honestly, if you don't like it, it 
will more than likely be as a result 
of the all-at-onccncss. Some pans. 
while imaginative, are nonsensical. 

However, by the ending. I think 
most people will appreciate the mov- 
ie. It is enjoyable and like most Dis- 
ney animated movies, it leaches :i les- 
son about life, family and patience I 
might be a better man now. 

The art and animation is amazing 
as usual, as we have come to expect 
from Disney, so I don't believe any- 
one will he disappointed by the cin- 

In Fort Wayne, we have the op- 
tion ol seeing 'Meet the Robinsons" 
in Disney Digital 3D. I recommend 
tins approach as the 3D effect really 
is compelling This effect is achieved 
in the traditional fashion with a split 
image and a pair of glasses with 
lenses that Idler out one image or the 
other. If tins doesn't sound appeal i ng. 
then choose the non-3D version as 
the movie will give you a headache 
if you try and watch it without the 

AH I know is that I hope the fu- 
ture really does have singing frog- If 
you have kids, take them to see this 

The Seven Deadly Sins are found at Henrys 

Area artist gives his take on human nature through portraits 

The seven deadly sins are con- 
cepts that people being honest with 
themselves will see displayed in their 
lives at some point or another. This 
is a strong statement to make, but it 
lias been backed by years upon years 
of artwork. From novels to music to 
movies and much more, human na- 
ture in general is a source of inspira- 

Now. a local artist is giving liis 
take on the seven deadly sins with his 
art show on display at Henry's, lo- 
cated at 536 West Main Street in Fort 

William Baulkcy, a photography 
major ;it ll'FW. spent a year delving 
into the concept of each of the seven 
sms. defining lliem and relating to 
them until he felt he could express 
them as porirait-hased photographs. 

Each of the sins (greed, pride. 
lust, wrath, sloth, envy and gluttony I 
are individually represented with 
their own portrait, and can be found 
on the left wall inside of Henry's. 

If Henry's seems like an interest- 
ing venue to display such a gallery. 
There is a reason why Henry's is so 
appropriate lor displaying this show. 
According lo William. "1 think that 
it's tilling that the place where 1 final- 
ly hold the show is Hie place where 
the idea first began." Spoken like a 

Baulkey graduated from Hunting- 
ton North High School in 1997. 

ey are relevant and not so far- 
ched that the point is lost. 
"I hope to show just a diffcr- 
l lake on art and photography in 
rt Wayne. It's my view, so people 
n't have to agree with it, hut hope- 

thing. Iheie is someone who does." 

Even still, these are not the words 
of someone who believes he's arrived 
at a pinnacle. Baulkey describes pho- 
tography as a constant learning pro- 

"I hope that in a few years, the 

things thai I'm doing then will be 

:volved than Hicy arc now," 

"1 hope lo have a career in pho- 
graphy. Ultimately, I would love to 
ork for a magazine. Using people 
my photography is something I cn- 

e Ihal " 


ickily purchased my 
icra. This was the lirst thing 
lily enjoyed doing and was 
He about. Photography basj- 
anged the course of my life." 
Baulkcy 's discovery of pholagra- 

Courtesy of William Baulkey 
photography and push myself 

classes, focusing mainly on design 
and figure drawing Junior year, I 
became involved in journalism and 
was part of the yearbook and news- 
paper. I was originally going to go 


lily a 

This can be seen in his displayed 
vork. Though they may not be 
iraightlmward portraits in the tra- 
litioiiLiI sense, they arc very pcoplc- 
enieied, which may lie why they are 
o relatablc. 

When asked to give advice to oth- 

r artists, Baulkcy is candid. 

"The only thing that I could say. 

ily with and I say this to myself all the time, 

|iiick to is ih. n it you waul something, go out 

KClivc. and gel it. I believed in this proj- 

irough- eel and pursued gelling il shown, I 

couldn't wait for someone to offer. 

laid off The only way to get what you want is 

lo sometimes he persistent." 

Baulkey was persistent and Hen- 

s is where you can see the fruits of 

for yourself. 

Horrorfest's 'Unrest' wakes the dead 

A horror mo vie ilmi-ttiei real body parts; now thert 

a gross idea. I don't even want to think of the red fa 
involved in making m unci h me like that happen, but ll 
is exactly what the makers of "Unrest" claim. Now, w: 
Hs official release on DVD, you have the opportunity 
humor your curiosity. 

I first saw "Unrest"' during Horrorfest 
a few months back. This independent hor- 
ror film is by Jason Todd Ipson, an up-and- 

English) feels a strange connection to hers. Due to the 
apparency self-inflicted cut marks all over her body and 
the fact that she is so young. Alison knows that Ihis young 
corpse niusi have \r.\<\ a dilliciill life, but the feelings she 

I Hie all- 

l., I 

"It was the 

atmosphere that 

did it for me" 

it did s. 

somewhat, but not as a result of the body parts. Il was fhe 
atmosphere that did it for me. 

The majority of the movie takes place in the basement 
of a hospital. A group of med-sehool students arc getting 
the opportunity to cut up their first cadavers. Though the 
anonymous, our protagonist Alison It'orrie 


anger becomes 
undeniable when people begin dying un- 
der unexplained circumstances and Ali- 
son knows in her heart thai the spirit of 
the corpse is lo blame. 
The concept is interesting, albeit un- 
— original. The movie is simply a ghosl slory 
at its core, but it is creepier than most as it 
within a dark hospital. There are no windows, 
telling what lime of day it is and most of the 
s place in ihc morgue, the part of a hospital 
nould rather not be. 

ationof the atmosphere is so effective thai you smell the formaldehyde. 

The acting isn'l amazing by any means 
and the dialogue is often slightly annoy- 
ing. When Alison iirst becomes disturbed 
by the spirit of her group's corpse, she 

be a drama queen. She contradicts 
herself by talking about how spirits don't 
exist, yet she acls as if ihey do. Since there 
is little character development, we arc an- 
noyed wilh her before we even begin lo 

re not explained, 
result of ihisan- 
s them alive one 
. Does the spirit 

body like a zombie? Does it 
kill them- 

jrderous spirit that is killing people 

link, dark hospital basement. The 

d guy isn't the spirit, it's the dark 

ospiial and the perceived smell of form- 

Idehydc. The claim of using real body 

■arts may or may not be true— il is a cheap 

vies are concerned, 

i the majority, bui 

good will be up lo 

decide. It isn't a slasher 

which creates a sense of dread. 
your thing, ihen you will enjoy 

Neff Hall 
catches the 

What is a percussion mstrumcnl '.' 
Ask the IPFW Percussion Ensemble 
and they'll more lhan likely tell you 
that the answer is pretty much any- 

The IPFW Department of Music 

will present the ensemble at their fin- 
est as they show for one night just 
what a group of percussionists are 
capable of. 

Director Braham Dcmbar will 
lead the ensemble, which includes 
jtereussioinsts Brad (rosstand, Jose 
Morales, Nick Bobay, Andrew Tow- 
ers, Mike Walter, Erika York, Jon 
Ware. Cody Groves and Nick Neu- 

The ensemble will be perloriiung 
"El Paso Del Canguro," "Concerto 
for Two Violins in A-Minor," "Ku- 
Ka-Llimoku," "The Ragtime Robin" 
and "Log Cabin Blues" along with 
works winch were written by alumni 
and others arranged by Dembar and 

The Ensemble will perform at 
7:30 p.m., on April 16, in Neff Re- 
cital Hall. 

Admission for is free IPFW stu- 
dents with a valid siudent ID, S4 for 
adulls. $3 for senior citizens and $1 
for all other students. 

Contact the Department of Music 
at 481-6714 or visit them online at 
hup: //www. for 

.,' <: 

Chevelle misses with Vena Sera* 

Arts & Entertainment Editor 

in high school 
he underground 

f mine had been 



I listened lo Chevelle and they became 
somewhat of a gateway band for mc. They 
were under-produced in n cool way. They 
were so passionate about their music and 
their message of love thai it almost seemed as 
if Ihey didn't want to be hig. I admired iheir 


ginning toend. They picked ;i 
iheme and held it out for the 
duration of the song. Chev- 

They no longer miuiuI I he suriiL- or pl.iy die s.iiik' 
kinds ol shows and I simply don't like some of 
the music Ihey went on lo make, Mainstream 
was the word of the day. 

Their third release. " this Type of Thinking 
Could Do Us In" was heavier in the sense that will assume this 
ihey experimented with .1 more traditional met- experiment and 
al approach. They had double base and 
1, but good. I 

One bright spot on "Vena 
:ra" is the song "Brainiac" 
iiis song flows well, be- 


Shakespeare in Chicago 

tragedy. The setting is the Trojan War 

and this play captures the essence of 

human nature as only Shakespeare 

The Shakespearean classic "Tro- could. 

lius and Cressida" will be performed Round-trip transportation and 

in Chicago and IPFW's Division of performance ticket pnees are S94 per 

Continuing Studies is taking students person and the payment deadline is 

there. April 14. The bus will depart from 

Professor Michael Stapleton. Fort Wayne at 9 a.m. on May 5 to 

who has published t == — ^ attend the 3 p.m. per- 

several works about TnC P'«*y 'S a lOVe formance. The group 

Shakespeare, will story rooted in 

k\ul the trip on Sal- tranoHu" 

urday. May 5. Sta- .-.".. _***_ _ . 

plclon \mII also give 

a brief lecture on the play, making limited and 

this nip unmissable. 

back in Fort 
Wayne al approximate- 
ly midnight. 

Tickets are very 
,on -re fundable. To make 
payments must be made 
This unconventional play was in full by cash, check. Mastercard, 
chosen by the Chicago Sluke-pcar- VISA or Discover, 
ean Theater's artistic director Barba- Contact the IPFW Division of 

ra Gaines for their 20lh anniversary Continuing Studies at 481-6619, or 
season. dnline at, and 

The play is a love story rooted in refer to course 07UPER268. 

■'Vena Sera 

le fourth record from Chcv- 

dle--ifs possihlv 1ln.11 )ic,i\ icsi mih.l- their ilc- 

Hcre's an example ol I he soul' here 
you listen to a verse and really feel ihc drive. 
The intensity will huild and you're imiiup.iling 
.1 pounding l horns, .mi! then- nothing Ihc cho- 
rus will fall Hat. either as ;i result of not being 
as energetic as the verse or. in my opinion, had 

There are hands out Ihue so heavy 1h.1l ihey 
can almost gel away wuh ibis sort of thing, hut 
Chevelle doesn't lit into ibis ealegory They 
may be heavy, but they are lame enough ihai 
a good melody should still be their best friend. 
I'litonunately, thai isn't always reiogni/ed 

n of tl 

It should be mentioned 
that there has been a lineup 
change. Joining Pete Loef- 
flcr (vocals, guitar-. 1 and Sam 
Loeffler (drums) is Dean Bcr- 
nardini (bassl. following Hie 
somewhat messy departure 
of bassist Joe Loeffler. They 
are keeping it all in the fam- 
ily; Bemardini happens 10 be 
their brother and law. 

Perhaps ihe lineup change 
had something to do with the 
slyli^lic change here, or per- 
haps this just isn't Chevelle's 
best work. Either way, "Vena 


I for 1 

Flexible Hours to Fit Your Class Schedule! 

2) United Art and Education^ 


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I MieS DlC/ude »rder fillinj ( includes some moderate lifting up to 70 lbs ) 

I Starting at $7.59 


Contact Tom: fl Art and Education I] 

(260) 478-1121 Monday- Friday 4413 Airport Expressway 




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Sports Events 

Rochester, Mich. 


Men's Volleyball wins against Ball 
State during Senior Night (3-0) 

+ Women's Tennis 
Niagara 9 a.m. 
Niagara Univ.. N.Y. 

♦ Men's Tennis Niagara 

10 a.m. Niagara Univ.. 

+ Women's Tennis 
St Bonaventure 
4 p.m. Olean, N.Y. 

♦ Women's Track 
Miami Invitational 
11 a.m. Oxford, Ohio 

♦ Men's Voiles hall 
Quincy 7 p.m. 
Quincy, III. 

♦ Women's Soccer 
Toledo 2 Games 
TBA Toledo, Ohit 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 

♦ Men's Golf Wiscon Corp 
Invitational All Day 
Libertyville, III. 

■♦-Women's Golf Loyola 
Rambler Invitational 
All Day Chicago, 111. 

By Chris Erick 

The men's volleyball team won 
their fourth game in a row last Satur- 
da\ nidil aiMiiiM ihe Cardinals of Ball 
State (14-11. 6-4 MIVA) with scores 
of 30-24. 30-25 and 30-20. The team 
also honored their live graduating se- 
niors in a short ceremony before the 
game. The team advances to 16-7. 
7-3 in the MIVA, and they will hosi 
Rutgers-Newark (2-24) on April 13 
in non-conference play lor their last 
game at home lor the 2007 season. 

IPFW'S 3-1 loss 10 Ball Slate near 
the end of February set off a four- 
game losing streak that would even- 
tually end on the road in Puerto Rico 
during Spring Break, h only seemed 
lilting that the mens volleyball team 
would cinch their Umrth win in a row 
anainsi the Cardinals. Seniors Jason 
Hemphill (6. OH). Jcrrod Quillen 
(14, OPP), Colin Lundccn (8. S). Vi- 
tor Oliveira (II, OH/MH) and Josh 
Collins (5. OH) were recognized at 
the beginning ol iheir lasl conference 
play at home. 

Head Coach Amie Ball comment- 
ed, "It was very nice to have the five 
seniors not only play in the match 
against our arch rivals, but also to 
see them contribute in such a positive 
way. And il was an even nicer situ- 
ation to leave lliem with a win. The 
(cam performed very well Saturdav 
in front of a crowd of over 2,000 at 
home and we hope to see even more 
sudeiits conic out to the next game." 

While there is no doubt that the 
team played exceptionally on Satur- 
day, pulling away Ball Slate in three 

Graydon Ainsworth spikes the ball against Quincy University. 

very quick matches, n really was ju- of! o! two record-breaking wins la: 

: show. Yhost led the 

Dons ,n kills with 15. 

breaking wins last volleyball team will host Rutgers- 

week delivering an admirable 10 Newark starting al 7 p.m. this Friday, 

kills. If the 'Dons continue to play at the 

The leam moves up in MIVA level they have been these lasl few 

standings, second only to Ohio State games, they should have no reason 

(21-2, 9-1 MIVA) with two games to be superstitious about pulling the 
lefl before the beginning 
men! play on April 21. 

+ Baseball Weste 
Michigan 2 p.r 
Fort Wayne, In 

♦ Women's Golf Loyola 
Rambler Invitational 
All Day Chicago, 111. 

IPFW's Kacie Stone catches a strike ball against Notre Dame at i 

Scarlet Raiders in llieir plai 

Dons Place 
Second at 
Oliver Nikoloff 

Courtesy of the IPFW 
Athletic Department 

Nikoli>tl III. national despite an 
unusually cold April afternoon. 
The 'Dons scored 91 poinls, to fall 
behind meet ili.irnpiun Cincinnati. 

that competed in Ihe meet. 

The 'Dons excelled in Ihe dis- 
tance events with a une-lwo-thrcc 
finish in the 3 ,000m steeplechase, 
and a iwo- three- four finish in the 
5,000m run. 

Junior Valerie Hardesty won the 
3,000m steeplechase title with a lime 
of 11:37.62. Mary Ballinger placed 
second with a lime of 11:42.06, 
followed by Crystina Martinez at 

Hardesly also finished fifth in 
the 800m run and ihe 1,500m run, 
earning a tc.mi-bigh IS points on the 

In the 5,000m run. senior Ash- 
ley Kitchey lunsluil second with 
1 7:39.55. On Ritchey's heels were 
Ihe Marline/ twins; Crystina hnished 
Ihird with a lime of 17:47, and Crys- 

j fourth al 17:50. 
Ions will return to 

^AtftCete of the IVeek 

JAncCy Camp Be CC 

f 1 

= *sl»i <y* Jr 

We have, a great deal for Full time students 
One month's rent free 
l+ NO application fee